Yemen's Saba Islamic Bank opens its branch 15 (Branch Unit)

الأربعاء 06 مارس - آذار 2013 الساعة 09 صباحاً / Saba Bank
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Inaugurated Sheikh Hamid Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmar Chairman Saba Islamic Bank on the morning of Saturday 10/1/2009 Saba Islamic Bank branch in "unit", which is the fifteenth branch including the regional branch in the state of Djibouti.

In a press statement explained Sheikh Humaid bin Abdullah al-Ahmar to the opening of this section came to meet the needs growing Bank customers Saba in Sanaa and other Yemeni cities other, which is a natural extension due to the wide of the bank in addition to being cover the "unity" but it would mean senior clients and thus will provide private banking services.

This section includes the first branch for women offers all banking services and is run by a cadre women who received adequate rehabilitation for the management of bank, and came to meet the other is to open broad prospects for workers in the commercial sector and to maintain savings or their development. He pointed out that this section is three branches in one branch is a branch of the private banking services, and a branch of the feminist sector and branch of the bank, provides banking services stationed in Saba Islamic Bank and its branches in other cities and provinces.

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